Any existing organization, the amount of employees it had regardless of what at the moment will not be in itself do not involve a control unit. Such a unit may possibly consist of one particular particular person (in the modest online business organizations), and unite personnel in larger departments, exactly where every single employee is responsible (handle) his trusted web-site. If we make a classification of personnel (most aggregative classification), it is actually probable to divide the staff at disserservice net the performers – engineers, workers, staff, and so forth., and executives – Curators of groups, heads of departments, directors (monetary, industrial, executive). So what is governance and why management is very important for the correct functioning and additional improvement with the organization?

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Adnan Aslam
Director Mr. Hur Hussain
Manager Admissions Mr. Sohail Khan
Manager Internal Affairs Mr. Muhammad Naveed
Counseling Officer Mrs. Shehla Rafique
Counseling Officer Miss Sana Fatima
Legal Advisor/Law Consultant Mr. Gulbaz Mushtaq (Advocate)
IELTS Teacher/  Career Counselor Ms. Aliya Malik
Counseling Officer Miss Sehrish Hayat